Curriculum and Core Module

Sustainability is an intrinsic part of our teaching and learning at Solway and we have successfully integrated it into the curriculum by having ‘Sustainability’ as an Inquiry focus at all school levels, throughout the two year rotation of Inquiry throughlines. The science program at Solway Primary School, in which all students participate, has strong links to the Sustainability Cross-Curriculum Priority. In addition, we run a well-established Kitchen Garden program teaching the cycle of planting, growing, harvesting, cooking and recycling of our waste products. Each year we educate the Preps about the benefits of worms in our gardens in our ‘Learn about Worms’ session.


Annually, many Solway students participate in the Victorian Science Talent Search. This competition fits closely with the Victorian Curriculum philosophy of teaching and learning. There is a close match between many STS sections and Victorian Curriculum Achievement Standards.


The Year 5/6 students have participated in the Kids Teaching Kids program for many years, in which the students create lessons in the four areas of sustainability; Energy, Waste, Biodiversity and Water. The students then teach their lessons to the younger students in the school.




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