Secondary Schools

Parents of Year 6 students will be required to nominate which secondary school they would like their children to attend. In Term One, Application for Enrolment forms will be sent home to all parents of Year 6 students. These are due back at Solway in May each year. Solway conducts a Secondary Transition Information Evening for parents at school early in Term 2. Look out for the date in the School Newsletter.


There are a number of government schools within 8km of Solway Primary School:


Distance from Solway

Ashwood High School

Camberwell High School 5.5km
Auburn High School 6.1km
Mount Waverley Secondary College 6.4km
McKinnon Secondary College 6.5km
Canterbury Girls' Secondary College 7.1km

These schools offer a range of teaching, curriculum and vocation styles and foci.
More information on the enrolment of students in secondary school can be found here.

School Designated Neighbourhood Area
School Designated Neighbourhood Areas (previously known as zoning) may limit what secondary school your child can enter.

Depending upon the school, some use the following criteria for allowing entry (in order of precedence):


1.Designated Neighbourhood Area - is the child in the intake zone for the school;
2.Siblings - are there any siblings already enrolled at the school;
3.Curriculum - is the school the closest that offers particular subjects or tracks that the local school does not;
4.Compassionate grounds - are there any extenuating circumstances (Principals' discretion);
5.Any other places available - if there are any further places available.

More information on the school areas and restrictions for the area can be found here.

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