Performing Arts



Each student at Solway participates in a weekly 50 minute Performing Arts session. Throughout the year, students take part in Music, Dance and Drama activities and tasks which are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.


Students explore and express ideas, present and perform artworks and interpret and respond to their own and others’ works.

They are taught to sing, play classroom instruments, dance and move to music and incorporate dramatic elements. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity and use their imagination during all Music, Dance and Drama sessions. Students work towards a basic understanding of music literacy and use these skills to read and write their own music.


Students rehearse and perform a school production every two years. The Performing Arts classroom program is supported by different musical ensembles. Students have the option to participate in these each year.




Singing Club

This is a very popular introduction to group singing and is held one lunchtime a week. Singing Club is open to all students in Prep, 1 and 2.


Junior Choir

All interested Year 3 and 4 students can join the Junior Choir. They get the chance to learn a variety of songs and perform at school events. The Junior Choir rehearses weekly at lunchtime.


Senior Choir

Students in Year 5 and 6 get the opportunity to join Senior Choir. Students meet every Friday morning at 8am and sing a range of genres. The Senior Choir perform at school and community events.


School Band

The Solway School Band includes students from Year 5 and 6 who learn a musical instrument. Students meet once a week and play a variety of genres. The Solway School Band features in several school and community events throughout the year.


Instrumental Music

Solway has a number of private teachers who visit the school, teaching individual and group lessons. Parents liaise directly with the teachers and their contact information is available at the School Office.


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