Performing Arts

Classroom Program

Every student at Solway participates in a weekly Performing Arts session. Students undertake an array of different sessions, including elements of music theory, creative dance, drama, performance, composition, instrumentation, singing and everything in between. 



Students are given the opportunity to try their hand at a multitude of instruments and develop their understanding of music notation, rhythm, and melody. Students focus on music and performances from around the world, exploring the context and culture of each style and incorporating it into compositions of their own.


Singing Club

This is a very popular introduction to group singing one lunchtime a week.  Singing Club is open to all students in P-2.


Junior Choir

Junior Choir is a singing group, comprising of students from Year 3 and 4. Students rehearse different styles of songs weekly on a Thursday morning. Students from Junior Choir continue into Senior Choir.


Senior Choir

The Solway Senior Choir, comprises of students from Years 5 & 6.  Students meet twice a week and sing a variety of songs from all genres, from rock to jazz to classical. The Senior Choir performs regularly at assemblies, school functions and community events. 


Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental tuition is offered during school hours and includes the following instruments: Piano, keyboard, guitar, cello, violin, drums and percussion. Students have the opportunity to perform their chosen instrument at various school concerts.