Message from the Principal

It is with much pride that we welcome you to the Solway Primary School website. As you explore the pages here, we hope you will come to understand what makes our school such a great place for learning and teaching.

Solway is at the centre of a connected community, actively involved with the school and valued for the generosity of time, energy and expertise that its members bring to the school. As a part of the Solway community you will enjoy a warm and friendly environment, where the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity are embedded into everything we do.

At Solway we are committed to the development of globally aware, civically minded life-long learners. To achieve this, we recognise the importance of educating the ‘whole child’. This involves not only maintaining our high expectations of student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy, but encouraging our students to create and innovate through a rigorous and rich curriculum, based on a developmental approach. Achieved through the provision of quality specialist programs in Visual and Performing Arts, Science, Physical Education and Sport, Reading Recovery and Japanese Language, these programs are highly valued and supported by the school community. The specialist programs are further enhanced by a range of engaging and enriching whole school programs and extra-curricular activities both within and beyond the classroom.  A strong emphasis is given to educating our students to live healthy, balanced lifestyles through the promotion of healthy eating, exercise, leisure pursuits and active citizenship. 

The school boasts modern flexible classroom spaces and outstanding specialist and administrative facilities for students and staff.  These include our Reception area, Conference Centre, Staff Lounge, classrooms, teacher offices, Year 5/6 Learning hub, Science Centre, Performing Arts Centre and Uniform Shop – spaces the whole school community can use and enjoy.


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In 2018 Solway celebrates 10 years of sustainability, of which we are justifiably proud. As a 5 Star Sustainable School under the ResourceSmart Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI Vic), our Sustainability teams – parents, staff and students, work hard to continue our achievements in the 5 areas of Water, Waste, Energy, Biodiversity and Curriculum. We continue to develop and extend our Wildlife Corridor, while our new learning deck in the Kitchen Garden, and the nearby Sensory Garden, was a vision that became a reality with the support of the Bunnings Chadstone Store, and Ekologix who supplied materials and labour to complete the project. The whole school Inquiry throughline of ‘Sustainability’ ensures that this remains a focus for classroom studies across the school.

Our sustainability initiatives are achieved with the valued support and expertise of members of the wider community. We are indeed fortunate to have a school community which is actively involved in many aspects of school life, including School Council.

With a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy, Solway implements a developmental curriculum using the Victorian Curriculum.  Regular reviewing of our Whole School Assessment Schedule ensures we have accurate information about student learning. The ongoing collection of data allows us to place students along the developmental continua in Literacy and Numeracy and plan effective learning interventions. This approach is recognised as critical for continuous improvement.

Our staff are all members of a Professional Learning Team (PLT). The teams work collaboratively, with each level team collectively responsible for the learning outcomes for the students in their care. Teachers are allocated regular PLT time to plan, monitor, evaluate and support student learning in their areas. Classroom displays and a consistent approach to the language of learning, make learning visible for students and supports continuous growth. 

Students are encouraged to take an active role in their learning, by working with their teachers to set learning goals which are personalised, short and long term and carefully monitored. As students progress through the school this becomes more formalised.  Year 5 and 6 students are responsible for monitoring their progress towards set goals and for presenting their achievements to parents as part of the Student Led Conferences (SLCs). Students from Prep – 6 are supported to participate in SLCs, demonstrating an increasing responsibility for their learning as they move through the school.

Regular reporting of student progress and achievement occurs through parent-student-teacher meetings – 3 Way meetings and Student Led Conferences, as well as written reports twice a year. The use of digital portfolios allows students and teachers to regularly upload samples of student work, annotated by teachers and reflected upon by students. These can be accessed by parents on any device throughout the year.

The school is committed to developing the leadership capacity of our students, by recognising their strengths and providing opportunities to practise their leadership skills in a range of ways. All students in Years 5 and 6 are expected to take on areas of responsibility and are supported in their decision making. These students also participate in Public Speaking and Debating programs which develop confidence and skills in these important aspects of leadership.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) comprises students from Years 3 to 6, who come together under the guidance of a staff member to support civic responsibility (social service) and social justice activities and fundraising by the students. They make decisions about which charities to support and coordinate student involvement. The SRC also liaises with classes to collate student feedback on issues important to them and provide an avenue for student voice throughout the school. They regularly report their activities to the School Council.

Our commitment to Digital Technologies is demonstrated through the 1:1 (Bring Your Own Device) iPad Program from Years 1-6, with classroom iPads and laptops giving all students easy access to mobile devices. Along with the interactive whiteboards or TVs in each classroom, these mobile technologies are interactive and engaging and are essential tools for the development of 21st century skills. They allow the curriculum to be personalised and encourage students to be collaborative, creative and innovative with their learning. Our Robot Club and Junior Robot Club offer robotics and coding opportunities for students and support the curriculum in this area.

As an accredited eSMART School, we recognise the importance of supporting our students and their families to develop the skills and knowledge to practise cyber safety and understand their responsibilities when using technologies and interacting online. 

The school’s programs are designed to foster the natural creativity in all students, with Performing and Visual Arts part of the weekly program. Our Science Centre and specialist Science teacher ensure Science and Technology are important components of the curriculum and we encourage our students to participate in scientific exploration and design.

Solway boasts excellent achievements over more than 10 years in the Science Talent Search. The Science Talent Search (STS) is an annual, Science based competition open to all primary and secondary students in Victoria, Australia. Our STS entries are displayed at the school’s annual Science Fair. We are always impressed with the talented and innovative designs created by our students.

The promotion of healthy eating and living extends from classroom programs to healthy initiatives such as Ride2School Day and the Sporting Schools program. Encouraging students to be active is a priority, and is supported by the Physical Education classes, weekly Running Club, sporting activities and suggestions for the regular Homework requirements.

The Solway community is proud of its attractive and well maintained buildings and grounds, with an abundance of beautiful trees and varied play spaces. Before and After School Care is provided at our Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Hall, while a popular Holiday Program is available during school vacations.

School tours for prospective parents commence in Term 2, at 9:30am on select days. Appointments are necessary and can be made through the School Office. A copy of the Prep 2020 Orientation / Transition Calendar is available on this website.

If you wish to find out more about our school, please contact the Office or email us on to arrange a tour or have an Information Pack sent out. We look forward to hearing from you.

Julie Wilkinson