Ten Years of Sustainability

Solway Primary School has celebrated 10 years of Sustainability in 2018!

We have made a huge difference over the past 10 years within the areas of Biodiversity, Energy, Water and Waste and implementation of Sustainability into the curriculum.

What have we actually saved?  

  • 1237 reams of paper
  • 138, 378 tonnes of CO2
  • 99482 k/Whs of electricity
  • 765m³ of waste
  • Total cost savings of $57,373.40

Students celebrated through Green Day where they dressed up in green clothing and raised money for the new Kitchen Garden water tank.

Parents, students, local members of parliament and community came for a tour of our school to see all of the implementations and changes we have made over the past 10 years. Although we have a vast selection of achievements, Solway is always looking for new and innovative ways to deepen their connection with the environment.



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