Solway has a new and beautifully appointed Science Centre, which provides students with tools required to learn in an engaging ‘hands-on’ setting and promoting inquiry, exploration, collaboration and teamwork. The Science program at Solway allows students to explore the four main areas of Science - Physical, Earth and Space, Biological and Chemical Science – through weekly sessions throughout the year. Science is a wonderful subject to develop and enhance the key skills of curiosity, critical thinking, perseverance and reflection. At Solway, we aim for Science to be as practical as possible, making connections between units of investigation and everyday life. Weekly Science Club sessions - held at lunchtime - provide students with the opportunity to explore aspects of Science alongside students of all ages and the Solway Science Captains. Our annual participation in the Science Teachers Association of Victoria, ‘Science Talent Search’ encourages our students to create a project, individually or with a partner, to explore, explain and demonstrate their understandings on a given topic. These projects are all displayed at our annual Science Fair. Students love learning about how the world ‘works’ and the Science Centre at Solway is a sensational ‘launchpad’ for discovery.



One lunchtime per week, students from all year levels are invited to participate in Solway’s Science Club – held in the fantastic Science Centre.

These sessions are planned and delivered by the Solway Science Captains with the focus usually planned around student curiosities.

Science Club is a wonderful opportunities for students to work with people from different year levels and share their love of Science in a fun and supporting environment.


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